District of Columbia Crime Policy Institute

Research Advisory Group

To assist DCPI in the development and design of research projects, the Urban Institute will convene an objective research advisory group to advise project staff. The goal of the group is to assist staff in identifying potential research projects, formulate hypotheses, assist in the design of research projects, and overcome potential implementation obstacles. Group members will include academics with expertise in juvenile and criminal justice research, and professionals with prior service in a policymaking capacity in D.C. or the federal government.

DCPI Research Advisory Group Members
Arthur L. Burnett, Sr.
National African American Drug Policy Coalition, Inc.
Jeffrey Butts
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Mark Cohen
Resources for the Future

James Gibson
Center for the Study of Social Policy

Olivia Golden
Urban Institute
John MacDonald
University of Pennsylvania
Peter Reuter
University of Maryland
Alice Rivlin (co-chair)
The Brookings Institution
Martha Ross
The Brookings Institution
Margery Turner (co-chair)
Urban Institute
Marian Urquilla
Living Cities