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Free Float Market Capitalization Method: Its Application in Financial Crime Analysis

Understanding the Free Float Market Capitalization Method

The Free Float Market Capitalization (FFMC) method measures the market value of a company by considering only the freely traded shares available in the market. It excludes shares held by controlling entities or locked in long-term agreements. FFMC provides a more accurate representation of a company's value as it reflects the shares available for trading and determines the market's perception of a company's worth.

Application of the FFMC Method in Financial Crime Analysis

The FFMC method plays a vital role in financial crime analysis by helping analysts identify potential market manipulations, insider trading, and other fraudulent activities.

1. Identifying Market Manipulations

Market manipulations involve actions taken to artificially inflate or deflate the price of a security. By analyzing FFMC data, analysts can identify abnormal trading volumes or price movements that may indicate market manipulation. This information assists regulatory authorities in detecting and preventing illegal activities in the financial markets.

2. Uncovering Insider Trading

Insider trading refers to buying or selling securities based on non-public information. Using FFMC data, analysts can examine the trading patterns of individuals or entities associated with a company and identify suspicious activities. Unusual buying or selling volumes that coincide with significant changes in FFMC can highlight potential instances of insider trading.

3. Evaluating Market Risks

FFMC data provides insights into the market's perception of a company's value and risk. Analysts can monitor changes in FFMC to assess market volatility and identify companies with a higher risk of financial crimes. This information is crucial for investors and regulatory bodies in making informed decisions and implementing risk management strategies.


The Free Float Market Capitalization (FFMC) method is a powerful tool in financial crime analysis. It enables analysts to identify potential market manipulations, uncover insider trading, and evaluate market risks. By utilizing the FFMC method, regulatory authorities can enhance their capabilities in detecting and preventing financial crimes, ensuring the integrity and stability of the financial markets.


Q: How does the FFMC method differ from other market capitalization methods?

A: The FFMC method focuses on the free float shares available for trading, while other methods may include all shares, including those held by controlling entities or locked in long-term agreements.

Q: Can FFMC data be used for other types of analysis?

A: Yes, FFMC data can also be utilized for evaluating market trends, assessing company performance, and determining investment strategies.

Q: Is FFMC data readily available for all companies?

A: FFMC data may not be readily available for all companies, especially for those operating in less regulated markets or with limited public disclosures.