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Five Questions for John Roman (Five Questions)
John Roman

John Roman, a senior research associate in UI's Justice Policy Center, focuses on evaluating innovative criminal justice policies and programs. He discusses the rise in violent crime, effective prevention strategies, and what the candidates need to know about justice policy.

Published by: The Urban Institute
Publication Year: 2007 Availability: HTML

Sexual Assault on Women and Children in the District of Columbia (DCPI Research Link)
Charles R. Hayman, William F. Stewart, Frances R. Lewis, Murray Grant

Four hundred and fifty-one cases, including those of three women victimized twice, were referred. The ages of the 448 victims ranged from 1 to 88 years, with the peak at age 14 (see chart). Table 1 shows that 106 cases (23.5 per- cent) were of children under 13 years, 137 (30.4 percent) were of adolescents 13 through 17 years, 92 (20.4 percent) were of young adults 18 through 24 years, and 116 (25.6 percent) were of mature adults 25 years and over. The victims in 391 cases (86.7 percent) were, nonwhite and 60 were white. The assault rate was calculated from the number of cases reported per 100,000 females in each age group, as estimated from the popu-lation for July 1, 1965. The rate was highest for the adolescents, being 487 per 100,000, due to an extremely high rate of 625 for nonwhite girls. Considering the white victims, the highest rate, 131 per 100,000, was in young adults. Among adolescents, 20 times as many assaults were reported of nonwhite as of white girls, but of young adults only 1.8 times as many.

Published by: Public Health Reports (1896-1970), Vol. 83, No. 12 (Dec., 1968), pp. 1021-1028
Publication Year: 1968 Availability: HTML

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