District of Columbia Crime Policy Institute

Research Library

DCPI has created an online library that houses all available research on crime and justice in the District of Columbia. The purpose of the library is to provide a knowledge base for DCPI—and others interested in crime and justice policy—to build upon in future policy formation. Development of the research library will be an ongoing initiative of DCPI. The library will house findings from as many prior studies of crime and justice in the District of Columbia as can be identified. The studies in the library include academic articles, policy studies, program evaluations and reports from District criminal and juvenile justice agencies. Key study findings will be summarized, and the summaries will link to the original research. The library will be continually updated with new studies as they are completed as well as from reviews of academic, practitioner, and policymaker publications across various media. In an effort to ensure that this research library is as inclusive as possible, please e-mail with any publications not currently included, and they will be given consideration for inclusion in the library.

Please select from the below topic areas or use the search box for a custom set of publications.

Crime Community
Corrections Courts and the Law
Forensic Science Justice Statistics
Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Policing
Reentry Victims of Crime