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Strategic Plan for a Collaborative Neighborhood-Based Crime Prevention Initiative (Research Report)
Akiva Liberman,Jocelyn Fontaine,Martha Ross,Caterina Gouvis Roman,John Roman

A promising approach to reducing and preventing crime at the neighborhood level involves addressing both immediate and long-term risk factors for crime. This strategic plan outlines a collaborative Neighborhood-Based Crime Prevention Initiative (NCPI) that combines law enforcement-led crime suppression activities with human and social service efforts to address longer-term risk factors for crime. This plan focuses on the initiative's structure, and data and administrative requirements. Objectives, associated suppression and prevention activities, and performance measures are related to initiative goals and measurable crime outcomes. This sets the stage for an initiative that could be monitored and ultimately evaluated.

Published by: The Urban Institute
Publication Year: 2011 Availability: PDF

The District of Columbia Mayor's Focused Improvement Area Initiative: A Review of Past Practice (Research Report)
Jocelyn Fontaine,Joshua Markman

In partnership with local agencies, the DC Mayor launched the Focused Improvement Area Initiative in select high-crime areas. The Initiative aimed to reduce crime and increase the quality of life in at-risk communities by combining community policing with human and social services delivery. This report reviews the Initiative's past efforts based on stakeholder interviews, programmatic materials, administrative records, and field observations. While many aspects of the Initiative were implemented as designed, it was not designed in such a way as to ensure sustained interagency, collaborative efforts focused on measuring and addressing outcomes. The report concludes with considerations for next steps.

Published by: The Urban Institute
Publication Year: 2011 Availability: PDF

The District of Columbia Mayor's Focused Improvement Area Initiative: Review of the Literature Relevant to Collaborative Crime Reduction (Research Report)
Jesse Jannetta,Megan Denver,Additional Authors

This document presents the results of a literature review on approaches to reducing crime and improving neighborhoods that were intended to produce community-level impacts, involved multiple approaches, and were carried out by cross-agency partnerships. The review included efforts focused solely on reducing or preventing crime as well as efforts with broader goals concerning improving neighborhood or resident well-being. The first section covers programmatic elements of initiatives: the strategies, interventions, and activities that successful efforts have employed. The second section covers process and structural elements, with subsections devoted to interagency collaboration, community engagement, and sustainability.

Published by: The Urban Institute
Publication Year: 2011 Availability: PDF

Promising Practices of the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department (Research Report)
Jocelyn Fontaine,Joshua Markman,Carey Anne Nadeau

In recent years, Washington, DC has experienced sizable declines in violent crime. These declines have outpaced national trends across most violent crime categories. To explore the role of the Metropolitan Police Department in the violent crime decline, researchers conducted a series of semi-structured interviews with department leadership and staff to understand the critical components within the department's violent crime strategy. Approximately fifty initiatives were discussed. Using extant literature on policing best practices to categorize the initiatives, the study concludes that MPD places significant emphasis on community policing, among other strategies. Implications for the department’s strategic planning process are discussed.

Published by: The Urban Institute
Publication Year: 2011 Availability: HTML

2010 Bias-Related Crime in the District of Columbia (DCPI Research Link)
MPD - Special Reports

The Fenty administration remains committed to working with communities in the District of Columbia to address and reduce hate crimes and perceptions of bias in our city. As part of this effort, in November 2009, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) released the District’s first report on bias-related crimes. The report highlighted trends in hate or bias-related crimes in the District of Columbia from 2005 through September 30, 2009, and efforts in the District to address them. This addendum to the report updates the data for all of 2009. Starting in the spring of 2011, MPD will provide this information in an annual report.

Published by: Metropolitan Police Department
Publication Year: 2010 Availability: HTML

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